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Welcome to the Silicon Valley of Europe

We match the world’s greatest tech talents with the
booming IT-industry of Stockholm.

Go See Talents

Whether you’re straight out of university or a senior developer, a new startup or one of Stockholm’s many established tech businesses – we’d like to help you thrive.

Specialized in tech in general, and fintech in particular, we make sure both candidates and companies find the right fit. We offer long term consultant services aimed towards a rewarding and permanent position for both parties.

Go See Talents

Become a part of
our community!


We’ll match your particular skillset with
the right company.


We offer you a safe way to try out
employers as a consultant.


We’ll help you settle in Stockholm.


You’ll be part of a community with
young talents, senior mentors
and exiting tech companies.

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Stockholm – The Silicon Valley
of Europe

Find the perfect tech match
with Go see talents


We reach tech talents all over the world
and hand pick the best ones.


Specialized in tech in general and fintech
in particular, we can make sure our
consultants fit your business.


We take care of any necessary training,
introduction and make sure our
consultants settle in well in Stockholm.


After a year, you’ll be able to employ our
consultant, free of charge!

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